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21 Aug 2010 - 23:43 WIB

Hello all ..
Allow me to introduce a little bit about who I am. I am a woman who lives in Bandung, West Java - Indonesia. I work only when people need me, in short I was working in the field of entertainment. Departure from the ability to process enough singing voice, I finally wrestle the field. Fill out especially now that the wedding is my current job.

Before, I’ve also made a recording with my band friends of another couple of years ago, Song Title : Tamparan, Rasa. If you wanna hear, open this site, please download the RBT should direct it if you like ^_^, at:



find Fika Zen on search box on Indosat

I have just given birth to a cute little baby. And now I want to spend my time with the baby, while still able to create a blog at home, without having to go anywhere.

I apologize if there are still many deficiencies in this blog. Not much I know about the ins and outs of blogs. Hopefully this blog can be useful and can be enjoyed by you.

So hi to all. As a beginner creator of the blog, I still have much to learn. So I wait for your comments and suggestions from the bloggers are also readers and writers.
Happy reading my blog.

Best Regard,




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