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Most tattooed woman

5 Sep 2010 - 11:24 WIB

tato2For fans of tattoos, maybe not many know who is the owner of most women in the tattoo world, which is listed in the Guinness World Record. Generally, tattoo enthusiasts are men. But this time I will introduce a predicate tattooed woman ever.
She is Julia Gnuse, born in 1959. Almost 95% of skin that had wrapped the drawings tattoos, including up in his face. An American woman, living in Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, California.
All kinds of images that stick in the body. Maybe for not a fan of Tattoos, of course see this as something horrible to watch, because the skin is usually not the woman who usually want to look white.
But he turned out to have its own background why she would draw on his entire body with tattoos. Apparently he had been infected skin disease known as Porfiria. That’s why she decided to cover the shortage on their skin with tattoos.
With a countless number of his tattoo, he’s not ashamed to flaunt it. Somehow the public opinion. This raises the pros and cons. Now his body covered with photo images cartoon characters, other famous figures, and various other images. Was really beautiful or really awful? Only you can answer them all. That’s up to you.

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