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Six Island Most hideous in the World (Part II)

20 Sep 2010 - 09:29 WIB

Source : Tribunnews.com

4. Ramree Island
This island is called garbage island because the island is formed from a plastic garbage dumped primarily by the Americans and Chinese. So, every time an American or Chinese throw garbage into the sea, then garbage collected in the same place, called North Pacific Gyre.

This island was inhabited by mosquitoes, deadly scorpions, and marine crocodiles. Soldiers who survived the island’s majority suffered serious injuries to the dying.

This event was later entered the Guinness Book of World Records’ “Greatest disaster suffered from animals.”

5. Poveglia Island
Poveglia island located in the territorial waters of Venice, Italy. The island was formed when the ancient Romans, with a good heart looking for a place to quarantine the people who got the deadly virus in that era. Poveglia island was finally met by thousands of sick people who eventually die there together.

Several centuries later, the virus attacked Bubonic Europe, and the island was returned to the ‘glory’ of his, as a place of last picnic for the people dying.

When the virus is getting worse, eventually all the people who experience little pain immediately sent to the Island Poveglia. The total number of deaths on the island even this be about 160,000 lives.

Like have not scary enough, the year 1922 on the island of diseased corpses smell was built asylum. Rumor doctors there that likes to torture the soul of his patients by placing them on top of tower, until they die.

Further news, the doctors there are also dead end all and be thrown from the tower as a ghost diseased.

Past few years there are a bunch of people were sent to make living there. But the next day, on the back because she says every sound they hear a lot of people screaming and there are a number of sightings.

So, till now no longer occupying Poveglia Island.

6. Ilha de Queimada Grande Alias Snake Island
snake-islandThe island is filled with snakes. There was once a stray fishing there, then come home and the boat filled with blood. Snake species that meet the island’s Golden Lancehead. Snake venom is one of the worst, could make ampe rotten meat to the bone. Snakes of this species only in the island.


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