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26 Sep 2010 - 16:43 WIB

infolinkslogoMy page and post now have Infolinks, a leading PPC contextual advertising network, providing In Text Advertising services to online content publishers worldwide.
These links are part of a pay per click advertising program. Infolinks is an In Text advertising service: they take my text and create links within it. If you hover with your mouse over these double underlined links, you will see a small dialog box containing advertisement related to the text marked. You can choose to either move the mouse away and go on with your browsing, or to press on the box and go to the ad page which is relevant to the text. Click here to learn more about Infolinks Double Underline Link Ads.
First I didn’t know how to use infolink, but now I did it :) I’m so glad and I thank the Infolink has given me the opportunity to join this ppc.

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