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Biggest and Toughest Pumpkin the World

22 Oct 2010 - 14:08 WIB

labu-terbesarOne oddity again. Recently I was watching tv and found this one unique story. Speaking of pumpkins, you have probably know, pumpkins are often used for food, and also used as a feature Helloween party. If in Indonesia, pumpkin is used as an ingredient to make a typical meal in the month of fasting that is Kolak.

Pumpkin is raised with love from a teacher in Ohio, Christy Harp. He also ranked first in the annual contest Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers ended last Saturday (3 / 10) in Canfield. Thanks to the results of his garden, the Harp won a cash prize of USD 2,500 (approximately USD 25 million) and become world champion. Old record in 2007 was recorded in the name of Joe Jutras, a resident of North Scituate, Rhode Island, with a pumpkin weighing 1689 pounds (about 844.5 kg). For eating out pumpkin, the owner is obviously no need to cook for days. Thus, the pumpkin has now entered into the Guinness World Record row. Pumpkin can also be made 900 pie plates. Residents of the village can enjoy it.

Thus, these pumpkins are now recorded into the Guinness World Record row. They also now have received an official certificate from the them.

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