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PC Casing ANTEC LanBoy Needs for Nonstop PCs Work

19 Nov 2010 - 20:59 WIB

casingpc1PC Casing ANTEC LanBoy Air suitable for those of you who have a PC that works all day. PC is working continuously, will require a good support tool cooling. ANTEC casing now issue new models, namely the PC ANTEC Lanboy Air.

If viewed its shape, at first glance looks like a PC chassis as usual. Shaped like the other tower casing. But there is a visible difference is the casing does not have a solid wall. Casing has panels that are interlocked in which the fan can be fitted. So this is a collection of the casing wall panels that can be shifted-shear. This form is designed to produce the composition of air velocity is better. So that he can control the temperature on your PC.

casingpc3The specifications have the casing is, in his body there are 5 pieces of 120 mm fans, with 2 panels on the front, 2 panels on the side, and one panel on the back. And space has more than 10 fan as the cooling temperature inside. PC Casing ANTEC LanBoy Air is also having a certain modular, meaning you can change the position of the drive bays or the power supply according to your desire. This design also can produce 34,000 kinds of combinations.

casingpc2ANTEC LanBoy Airsupports the use of mini-ITX motherboard start, micro ATX and ATX, on the front of the user can put up to 3 units of 5.25 inch drives, to hard drive chassis can accommodate 6 units 3.5 drives. This casing measuring 20.4 inches x 8.7 inches x 19.3 inches with a weight reached 9.2 kg

Prices advanced chassis is around $ 220. Available colors vary, there is a red trim, yellow and blue.

ANTEC PC Casing Design LanBoy Air is indeed designed specifically for PC users who fired nonstop. To keep your PC’s performance remains stable, then you will need this kind of casing. Thus, the temperature of your PC will stay cool even if you use a computer in a long time.

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