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Choose Your Pretty Cameras

20 Dec 2010 - 01:38 WIB

Choose Your Pretty Cameras — Choosing a pretty decent camera you have is not a difficult thing. With a wide range of models available in the market you sometimes confused determine what model should you buy. My article this time will give you some idea of the beautiful cameras that you can use as a reference.

Here is a explanation of the camera that you can choose. There was discussion of Dana Wollman camera, technology writer at the Associated Press, there is a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of each type. Read carefully to the specifications of these cameras below.

The best budget categories: Kodak EasyShare C195


Advantages: Once impossible to find a quality digital camera with a price of U.S. $ 100 (around Rp900.000). 14.5 MP camera has a 5X optical zoom and a large 3-inch sail. There are features of ’smart capture’ which is applied from a high-tech camera Eastman Kodak Co’s. This feature will automatically detects the shooting conditions and can be arranged into 21 display mode. For close-up photos with the background slightly blurred results are good but it is advisable to use flash (flash). Users also can choose live photos and video to be uploaded on Facebook, Flickr or YouTube once the camera is connected to the computer.

Disadvantages: Standard Resolution, SD (standard definition) is not HD (high definition). To operate it does not use lithium ion batteries but can dicharger AA. In addition, the lack of sensitivity in low light conditions.

Intermediate category: Sony Cybershot WX5


Advantages: Can record full HD video (high definition) resolution of 1920×1080 and is able to capture the panoramic 295 degrees. This camera can make photos more artistic novice with a background image blurring technique. Small and lightweight design makes it easy menu navigation.

Disadvantages: The button is too small. File generated from recording AVCHD video is, it is difficult to be played back and edited on a computer. Also susceptible to water and cold air.

Best results category: Canon PowerShot S95


Advantages: Although it is small have a huge sensor. Clearer and sharper picture in low light. HD resolution (1280×720). Equipped with an HDMI port, making it easy to connect it directly to the television ‘high definition’. Many sought the photographers because the light and the availability of reliable manual control.

Disadvantages: short battery lifespan. Can only store 200 photos and has an optical zoom 3.8 x.

DSLR for beginners category: Nikon D3100


Advantages: 14 MP camera features a simple menu that is easily operated by a novice with the results of the image is satisfactory. The camera also can record in full HD format with autofocus function.

Disadvantages: relatively small optical viewfinder. Speed cameras can only capture three images in one second, relatively small compared to other cameras in its class.

Well if you are interested, you can select one of the above type of camera. Depending on your needs. You also can make the cameras as your special gift for the people closest to you in welcoming the Christmas and New Year.

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