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Colorful Appearance of U7 Crossover Keyboard

5 Jan 2011 - 20:07 WIB

keyboard-u71Colorful Appearance of U7 Crossover Keyboard — U7 Crossover Keyboard is an excellent choice for your computer accessories. Its really colorful appearance. Actual shape of this keyboard is almost the same as any other keyboard. However, this crossover U7 keyboard design has an attractive unique colors to be seen.

U7 Crossover Keyboard is designed from Luxeed. His appearance colors can vary. This keyboard has a fascinating Colorskin that can switch between the Plug & Play (P & P) and Software Control Method, including with the work of other Luxeed users.

keyboard-u72When viewed from the appearance, of course, the keyboard is very adorable. He can set their own colors that are issued by regulating the level of light in the keyboard. Like other keyboards, this keyboard also has multimedia buttons and unique features that are not less interesting.

Keyboard, keyboard Luxeed did have its own characteristics. U7 Luxeed keyboard can be applied with Win7 operating system, Vista and XP under SWC mode. If used in P & P mode, it can also support Mac OS and Linux.

keyboard-u73Price U7 Crossover keyboard it was rather expensive from the other general keyboards. The keyboard is priced approximately U.S. $ 129.99 on Amazon. There are 3 colors that you can buy, white, black and Classic.

If you want to make your computer look different from the others, then you can make this keyboard to be your choice. U7 Crossover keyboard has a nice appearance and unique. You can buy it here.

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