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Tips for Choosing a Suitable Women’s Shoes Model For Your Style

5 Jan 2011 - 12:55 WIB

memilih-model-sepatu-perempuanTips for Choosing a Suitable Women’s Shoes Model For Your StyleFor women who love shopping and hunting shoes, there are special tips to get women’s shoes that fit in all situations. No wonder if women always want to look beautiful in a variety of situations. Not a few women, especially women who become public figures always consider the accessories that are perfect for sticking in his body. Here are tips and tricks to choose woman’s shoes that are suitable for the appearance.

Most of the women who have heights that are not too high, prefer to choose shoes with high heels. But be aware, often using high-heels are also not good for health as well as for muscle in his body.

Actually a lot of other shoe choices that are not less beautiful with high heels as an alternative. To be sure, select appropriate models or inappropriate to you. Adjust your budget as well. No need of expensive, price does not guarantee that you match your choice. Low price but good and right for you, of course it is better.

As quoted from makeup.beautyhill.com, here are tips on what form of shoe is right for your style:

Right thick (chunky heel)
This thick heeled shoes suitable subject owners and long skinny legs. Thick heels that can make the body look short and to draw attention to glance at the foot. This shoe can give a silhouette view of the high and thin.

Strap around the ankle (ankle strap)
Shoes of this type is suitable for their owner’s legs, skinny, and tall. This ankle strap on to decide the line on foot, to make them look not too long or thin.

Flat Shoes
Flat shoes can be worn by anyone. For those of you who want the legs look longer, choose a shoe with the front end narrowed. Newfangled shoes that fits you the owner of the tiny body and thick thighs. While the flat shoe with a rounded end portion suitable for you the owner of the long and skinny legs.

Back strap (sling backs)
Shoes of this type suitable for everyone. And for the more beautiful your feet, choose a shoe with a strap on the back, plus a thick soles (platform) and the front of the open (peep toe).

Strappy stilettos
This shoe is suitable subject for anyone, and certainly always managed to make your legs look sexy.

For those who want to look taller, looks sexy legs, heels thick from front to back this could be an option.

Small Rights (kitten heel)
Shoes of this type can be a substitute for high heels because both can make your legs sexy. Another advantage of this type of shoes can make you look high added without the torment of having to wear high heels.

Boot knee (knee-high boots)
For you the owner of the tiny body and thick thighs, avoid using these types of boots. These shoes can automatically make your body become shorter if not combined with a pair of matching color. However, for you are the owner of the body height and level, secure wearing shoes of this type.

Various kinds of model women’s shoes on you can choose according to your wishes and requirements . Do not get your shoe choice makes you look even further reduce the value of our appearance.

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