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Japanese Cuisine Menu Sushi and Sushimi

12 Jan 2011 - 22:46 WIB

sushiIf you are a fan of Japanese cuisine menu, of course you’ve heard about Sushi and Sushimi. Japanese food cans menu be found in many countries in the world. Events some of them make Japanese food for their favorite menu. That was a lot of raw fish, causing a special taste.

The various opinions came about more food is dominated by raw fish. Some say the menu is healthy, but some think that food is not healthy. The fans are very confident sushi sushi healthy because the content of protein and omega-3 fatty acids are very high. But instead, sushi is also said to be less healthy because it uses raw fish. In fact, the risk of raw fish contain bacteria that are very high.

The controversy was unquestionably the right way sushi processing. In Japan, the only chef who can cultivate a certified special sushi and sashimi.

If you are not sure with these two different responses, it helps you to know about Sushi and Sashimi. Actually, how the content of the raw fish? Let us refer to the following reviews.

Some types of fish, including salmon and tuna are widely used for sushi ingredients, have a high mercury content. So you should not eat too many fish. Prompts marine fish consumption should not exceed 150 grams per week. In addition to the high mercury content, the fish are also high in fat. Fish are high in fat diasup maximum recommended only 600 grams per week.

For a while, do not be too eager ordered salmon sashimi. Choose salmon that has been processed in the form of sushi. Or choose another type of sushi which is also healthy and delicious. For example the use of eel or tobiko (flying fish eggs are colored orange).

Sushi and Sashimi can be used as dietary Menu
You want a diet could make sushi as one of the menu. Health experts said, the sushi quite varied and can meet the nutritional needs.
Sushi consists of several different materials and healthy food of high nutritious. Sushi medium containing 350 calories and low fat content, only 3.6 grams.

However, sushi consumption should be balanced with the intake of fibrous vegetables that are usually available at the sushi bar, such as seaweed or pickled vegetables.

How Sushi can be said to be less healthy?
One factor that is considered a weakness of sushi is salinity. Use of Shoyu or soy sauce as a dip sushi ingredients can increase levels of salt in the body.

But actually not. Two to three tablespoons Shoyu is estimated to contain 1 gram of salt. While the maximum daily salt intake to 6 grams. So, if not consumed in excess, Shoyu is still quite safe.

Is it true if Sushi can make the body become fat?

The rice used for sushi do contain carbohydrates. But the sushi using the vinegar treatment that inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates.

Spices such as wasabi is used in sushi and a spicy chili powder also helps increase metabolism. So there is a balance when eating sushi.

Is it healthy when Sushi and Sashimi eating too often?

No. Sushi and sashimi does have a high protein content. But just eating sushi will not make you live a healthy life. You still have to eat other foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

So if you already know about the content of substances in the sushi and sashimi, you certainly can schedule this Japanese food menu with the appropriate rules to keep you healthy. The discourse above are some facts about sushi. Hopefully useful.

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