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Type Faster with New Software

27 Jan 2011 - 12:10 WIB

keyboard-touchscreenIPad fame increased. But the obstacles encountered in the IPAD is a writer could not type fast, because the user is required to type one by one letter in its touchscreen display. And then out new software, which allows the user could type fast on the touch screen. Technology is one of a complement to users who want speed in writing on the touch screen.

Researchers in Australia some time ago, has created a virtual keyboard that allows typing on touch screen devices such as iPad faster. This software can perceive the position of user’s fingertips, and as soon as four fingers touching the screen, will feature a QWERTY keyboard under your fingers. These virtual buttons are able to respond to touch, and can move around the screen, or pressed for typing. This will facilitate you who are used to typing on the keyboard your pc with 10 fingers.

Researcher Christian computer system Hannes Lau Sax and his colleagues from the University of Technology, Sydney developed a prototype LiquidKeyboard in an effort to try to take over the traditional keyboard that can be adapted to new communication interface touch screen. Mainly used with pressure sensitive screen, but because of the touch screen IPAD and similar devices has not been sensitive to pressure, this software will help detect pressure by looking at the size of the hand and fingers position, and measure the surface area fingertips.

Sax and Lau LiquidKeyboard hope it can be integrated into the operating system touch screen devices such as the iPad, or it could be made as an application for sale to consumers. Sax says such a device is needed because typing on the touch screen is currently difficult and tedious, resulting in hand fatigue. He said their device allows users to use both hands, and this could eliminate the need for additional hardware.

As reported by Physorg.com, Monday (24 / 1), Sax choose IPAD to be integrated with this software because the platform is a little stronger and have the ability to multi-touch is more sensitive, and because the hardware is relatively cheap. They chose this system as their first step even though the Google Android tend to be easier.

So you who are used to type fast with 10 fingers you do not have to worry anymore. On the touch screen you can use the new software for quick typing. You do not need to worry, a lot of new software that was born to complete your gadgets later. We follow the continued development of technology.

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