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Wikileaks is Planned To Be Made The Movie

4 Mar 2011 - 21:37 WIB

wikileaks-movieWikileaks site still continues to be a discussion of the world since the case of leaking of a diplomatic wire some time ago. Even now, Wikileaks is planned to be made the movie in the near future. A director will make a film about because of interest in Wikileaks.

Wikileaks has made a powerful film director Steven Spielberg fell in love. Metro.co.uk announce on Wednesday (3 / 3), the cold-handed director intends to make a movie about Wikileaks and its founder.

Spilberg is one representative of the production house DreamWorks. He along with Holly Bario and Mark Sourian will handle the film directly. At this time, Spielberg was preoccupied with estimating all actors involved, including the president who was recorded in Wikileaks.

Head of Guardian News & Media editor Alan Rusbridger welcomed the proposal. “Previously, no media is divulge confidential diplomatic documents. Wikileaks has changed the world view of journalism,” he said.

WikiLeaks site founder’s life story, Julian Assange, also get people’s attention. A book publisher has revealed ins and outs of life was an Australian citizen in a biography.

Wikileaks is the center of attention the world community in recent times. No wonder if the famous director Steven Spielberg was willing to pour Wikileaks in a movie. Let’s see Spielberg filmed, the great movie world director later.

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