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French Creating a Bubble House

7 Mar 2011 - 22:13 WIB

bubble-houseFrench Creating a Bubble House — A permanent house building usually have a hard wall and permanent. Another case with portable buildings, such as tents, certainly do not have a hard wall. This time there was a bubble house that was created as a portable house that can be taken anywhere, and easily stored.

French real estate company in breaking new ground by creating a bubble house, portable house that also serves as a tent-like children’s toys.

House-shaped bubble is transparent. All household equipment, such as chairs, beds, even wood floors can be folded so that it can be taken anywhere. Bubble house was also equipped hexos or electric fan and air purifier filters, so the home form is always awake.

“These houses can be very calm your mind,” says designer Pierre-Stephane bubble house Duma.

Although simple, the house price bubble but it is relatively expensive. One house-sized bubbles are priced at U.S. $ 9,000 or equivalent to Rp 79 million.

A portable bubble house building is very unique. This work was launched for the building that could be used to accompany your holiday for a picnic. The system in this building has also been designed as well as possible.

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