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I Really Want To Be A Singer

17 Mar 2011 - 00:18 WIB

fikazen-3I Really Want To Be A Singer — Since childhood I was very happy to sing. Experience I started singing since I was 11 years old. And until now, I still aspires to become a singer who can be accepted by the public, although it has not come true. I do, I really want to be a singer.

My father and my mother was very supportive to my hobby. Even since I was 12 years old, I started singing in public places, such as at weddings and other events. Obtaining money with a small amount did not matter, what matters I can sing in front of the crowd, it was a valuable experience that can not be forgotten.

fikazen-2Various competitions I attended when I was living in my hometown, Madiun, East Java, until I lived in Bandung. I even had a chance to be backing vocals an Indonesian artist, Farid Harja who is now deceased.

In Bandung, I was joined by local bands. To add myexperience, I also received numerous offers to play with my band in various regions place in Indonesia, as in Ujung Pandang and Medan, and of course going back and forth in several cities in Java Island.

My main mission is to become a singer known by the public. Although maybe my singing ability mediocre. But I still hope, I could make my dream come true. Although many occasions I have tried, but the obstacles and temptations often come. I continue got failures experienced.

Until finally, after I tired to sing in cafes, I finally decided to become a singer at the wedding events only. Plus, when I was married, it was my desire to become a singer even further. Time to sing even less. Especially now I’ve got a cute little baby :), my singing schedule had to be stopped temporarily.

Sometimes I feel want to share stories and experiences with my close friends who used to sing together before, which has now become a famous Indonesian artist. Like, Mulan Jameela, Pepep (ST-12), Yanna (Marvell Band), Aming (Extravaganza), Melly (She Band), Peterpan Band (Ariel, Reza, Lukman, Ucky), The Titan (Andika, Indra). Hopefully they still remember me, and wish they always successful.

fikazen-wedding-singer-bandungAt first I was singing with the kind of song All Around, but over time, because I just sing at the wedding ceremony, the kind of song I was getting narrower. Now I just singthe standard songs are appropriate to sing at the weddings.

I had ever tried to record the song, although not with big capital and not in the company’s renowned music labels. Several times I tried to test register luck with good songs with my own voice, and with the band, The result, always rejected, sometimes even no response from record companies. Hahaha … “I’m not lucky. “

My songs together Bandage (2000): http://apps.facebook.com/reverbnation_fb/artist/bandageindo

Even I had worked with a guitarist Wachdah Band, Baddy, to make a song together. Our concept of this band were duo, just vocalist and guitarist, it looks like more fun, like Roxette :)

In one occasion, me and my friend, a keyboard player, a fad record a song Route 66. ^ _ ^ Download here if you are interested to listen.

But over time i feel also tired of this journey, although the dream still there in my heart and my mind. Fortunately, my husband still support me:) so my spirit is never lost even though over time, it seems my age is increasing and more and reduce the possibility for realizing make my dream come true.

fikazenNow I love jazz songs. By listening to jazz songs, my heart seemed to be calm and peaceful:). Moreover, the songs of jazz ballads. Although I have not been able to digest the the weight jazz songs, I think I began to love this flow of jazz music.

My Great desire to try recording again, though difficult, but the dream is still there. So, I am Fikazen… And I am a singer. Hopefully, one day, I could make my dream come true, to become a singer who can be accepted by the public. Amen.

— Fikazen —

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