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New Discovery Bacteria Toothpaste Substitute

12 Apr 2011 - 22:45 WIB

bacteria-toothpaste-substituteNew discovery Bacteria Toothpaste Substitute — Dental health care must be supported by good and true. The mouth tends to produce more bacteria if the teeth are not clean. Recently, there is a new invention, bacterial toothpaste replacement (Bacteria Toothpaste Substitute).

The researchers managed to find a new weapon in the fight against tooth decay. How to use enzymes produced by oral bacteria that actually prevents the formation of plaque. These findings open opportunities for the manufacture of toothpaste that utilizes the body’s plaque exterminator.

As is known, the human mouth is full of bacteria. More than 700 species present in the room is warm and humid, including Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans), one of the major components of plaque.

Fitted with a tooth in thin layers called biofilms, S. mutans digest sugar and produce acids that eat the enamel and cause cavities. In addition to S. mutans, other bacteria are more guest friendly.

For example, in 2009 and then, researchers found that S. salivarius, the type of bacteria found in the tongue and other soft tissues in the mouth, actually reduce the development of biofilms S. mutans.

As quoted from Sciencemag, 4 April 2011, Hidenobu Senpuku and his colleagues, a biologist from the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan observed a substance that delivers the ability to prevent the hole from S. salivarius.

Using chromatographic techniques, methods in which the molecules are divided based on content or size, the researchers separated individual proteins from microbial samples taken. Researchers then mixing each protein with cell S. mutans and measure combinations which grow the number of biofilm in the least amount in the container in the lab.

From experiments, it is known that FruA protein, an enzyme that works to solve a complex sugar, is the most powerful blocker biofilms.

Researchers also found that one form FruA, produced by the fungus Aspergillus niger that are available in oral as well overcome the plaque with the same good. FruA It also works well despite different amino acid which is owned by FruA that belongs to S. salivarius. “It can accelerate the discovery of toothpaste containing FruA,” said Senpuku.

Even so, the findings published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology are no excuse for people to eat all the candy that exists. The reason is, when researchers increased the concentration of sucrose, one of the sugars in mixtures containing FruA of S. salivarius and S. mutans, the bacteria advantages in preventing the formation of biofilms become extinct.

Researchers say that their findings may explain a study conducted in 1996 and revealed the relationship FruA to the formation of cavities in rats.

Mary Ellen Davey, a microbiologist from Forsyth Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States agrees that the findings could lead to making a better toothpaste. But according to him, it is not easy.

“Finding a formulation that guarantees that the enzyme remained active after it is stored in a tube and sold in drug stores is a big challenge,” said Davey.

New discovery Bacteria Toothpaste Substitute has been through trials and examined carefully. Bacteria substitute toothpaste can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

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