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Dark Story of Five Child Celebrities

19 May 2011 - 01:19 WIB

dark-story-of-five-child-celebritiesDark Story of Five Child Celebrities — Violence can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. There are some children of celebrities who have dark period in his life. The violence often causes deep trauma. Follow the dark story of five children celebrities following .

How parents raise children who do not rarely leave violent trauma. Childhood experience is then used to form the character of children with various expressions outlet trauma.

Like a number of these celebrity kids. They poured a childhood trauma into a book. They wrote that their experience of violence received as a bridge eraser trauma.

1. Mommy Dearest by Christina Crawford
Christina Crawford is the adopted son of the legendary actress Joan Crawford, who was famous in the era of the 1930s. In a book published a year after Joan died, Christina describes her mother as a cruel figure. He blamed his mother adopted him solely for popularity.

In the book, Christina admitted gets violent when his mother found his clothes hanging with wire hangers, instead of high quality hangers. This scene was a phenomenal time stated in the movie, starring Faye Dunaway.

2. Going My Own Way by Gary Crosby
Son of legendary singer and actor Bing Crosby reveals the life of a very traumatic childhood. Alcohol-addicted mothers and fathers who often use violence, resulting in Gary who is also an actor and singer living under the influence of alcohol. Who would have thought the figure of the actor who was known to be fond of her children are able to easily commit violence behind the media.

3. My Mother’s Keeper by B.D Hyman
For the actress Bette Davis, her writing is revenge that can not be forgiven. Hyman describes his mother was a drunk, cruel and selfish. Bette also responded with a paper entitled ‘This N That’ who said that her son did not know thank you for the lives that have been granted.

4. Home Front by Patti Davis
Failure of familial relationships in the family of Ronald Reagan’s presidency was written really by the child. This also brought disillusionment Nancy Reagan. Years of mother and child relationship is full of tension, although was at peace.

5. High On Arrival by Mackenzie Phillips
In his book, Mackenzie relates that his father is a singer, John Phillips, often gave cocaine and raped her. Even in this book, rather Mackazie
born by a tiger that can protect them.

Some dark story of five children of this celebrity has stated in writing in several books. The background of this violence also have a variety of reasons. But often the violence became severe trauma in the lives of those who experience it.

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