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Falling Victim Caused By The HugeTornado that Struck Joplin

23 May 2011 - 21:34 WIB

huge-tornadoFalling victim caused by the huge tornado that struck the Joplin — Disaster held in Joplin town . The death toll fell a result of a tornado that struck the Joplin. The huge tornado came suddenly and instantly destroy everything.

An official said at least 30 people were killed after a tornado destroyed the majority of the City of Joplin in the state of Missouri. Some local media said the city is suffering because of a “sweep directly” from the tornado.

Eyewitnesses reported that the used area of ??the city suffered severe destruction. Not long after that the governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon immediately declared an emergency to the region and warned that there will be another storm that attacked the area.

Last month a tornado and storm also swept most parts of Alabama and caused at least 350 people dead.

In the incident in Missouri this time in addition to destroying houses and shops, tornados also resulted in the hospital building suffered considerable damage. St. John’s Hospital Window according to an officer who broke out a lot and thrown out.

A resident who lives about 45 miles from the location of the hospital, said he discovered the ruins of a hospital, medical equipment such as X-rays and drugs were in his yard shortly after the tornado stopped. Electricity supply and telephone lines according to the report there also were damaged.

Another eyewitness said a number of ambulances lined up near stop and Walmart store where hundreds of people were reportedly trapped inside the store destroyed by a tornado.

President Barack Obama who was on his way to Ireland offered condolences over the incident.

“Michelle and I extend deepest condolences to the families of the victims who were killed by tornadoes and severe weather that hit Jopin, Missouri also other areas throughout the Midwest region today,” Obama said in a statement cited “the BBC”.

Falling Victim Caused By The Huge Tornado that Struck Joplin . Arrival of a tornado that suddenly, make anyone unable to dodge the brunt of the wind.

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