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Natural Phenomenon Watermelon Exploding in China

23 May 2011 - 21:22 WIB

watermelon-explodeNatural Phenomenon Watermelon Exploding in China — Watermelon in China usually grow normally like any other watermelon plants around the world. But this time, some watermelon that grows in China, experiencing a strange phenomenon. Watermelon grown in China exploded, causing crop failure.

A few days later watermelon farmers in China have been confused with their problems rather strange that watermelon explosion.

After passing the examination several times, several scientists interviewed by China Central Television (CCT) blamed the explosion of the phenomenon of watermelon due to overuse of chemicals designed to make the fruit grow faster.

However, agricultural experts seem unable to explain why the chemical-free watermelon also explode, as they pointed to abnormal weather and size as the main cause.

According to Xinhua, which reported Monday (5/23/2011), 20 farmers in a village in Jiangsu province watermelon seeds imported from Japan, which eventually saw 10 of them when they explode a watermelon harvest.

Crop failure was experienced by at least 20 farmers who controls 45 hectares of plantation land in the vicinity of Danyang. Now they can not sell watermelons and had to be used as food fish or pork.

Exploding watermelon growing in China is enough to make the farmers confusion. Because the phenomenon of exploding watermelons this has ever experienced before.

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