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Charley, The Strongest Teenager in the UK

23 May 2011 - 21:48 WIB

strongest-childCharley, The Strongest Teenager in the UK — As an adult who can lift weights, these teenager have the strength like an adult. This kid are able to win the weightlifting competition, and scored a record at the young age. Here it is Charley, the strongest teenager in the UK.

Charley Craig believed to be the strongest teenager in Britain today. 11-year-old teenager was able to lift loads as heavy as a big jumbo body.

Charley has a height 1.3 meters and weigh 32 kilograms. Last April, he won the weightlifting competition in the UK with the highest force 28.5 kilograms. “I dream to win a medal in every competition,” Charley said as quoted by the Daily Mail, today.

Muscle strength was not obtained Charley owned by chance. Child weight lifters Amanda Black English is a routine practice lifting weights every day.

Manurut Black, his son spent 12 hours each week to practice. “Charley apply a strict diet with intake of pasta, fruit, and vegetables,” said 37-year-old woman.

Black children are fortunate to have a similar Charley. Her son is interested in lifting weights since the age of nine, when he was accidentally brought Charley participating practice. It only took three years, Charley is now able to lift heavy loads like his body equivalent.

Charley believes can break the record of British legend, Zoe Smith, who won a gold medal at the age of 16 years in the event the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008. Now this powerful teenager is preparing to represent England in the 2012 Olympics held in London, England.

Charley smoothly aspirations to get a gold medal in every competition that he follow. Charley also practice diligently to realize its ideals. This boy was now dubbed as the strongest kid in the UK.

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