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    17 Mar 2011

    I Really Want To Be A Singer

    I Really Want To Be A Singer — Since childhood I was very happy to sing. Experience I started singing since I was 11 years old. And until now, I still aspires to become a singer who can be accepted by the public, although it has not come true. I do, I really want to be a singer. My father and my mother was very supportive to my hobby. Even since I was 12 years old, I started singing in public places, such as at weddings and other events. Obtaining money with a small amount did not matter, what matters I can sing in front of the crowd, it was a valuable experience that can not be forgotten. Various competitions I attended when I was living in my hometown, Madiun, East Java, until I lived in Bandung. I even had a chance to be backing vocals an Indonesian artist, Farid Harja who is


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