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    26 Sep 2010

    Michael Jackson Mansion's Rental

    Who does not know the king of pop singers of the world on this one. Men whose real name is Michael Joseph Jackson, won several awards from the Guinness World Record. Since childhood, he began his career along with his brothers in the Jackson 5. Award - an award that he has achieved several times, including Guinness World Records-including the thriller as the world’s best-selling album-13 Grammy Awards, 13 number 1 single fruit in a solo career musicians from other men in the Hot 100 era-and sales of 750 million units in the entire world. Jackson’s life is very famous all over the world, accompanied by a very successful career, making it part of pop culture for 4 decades. In recent years he often mentioned as one of the most famous man in the world. On March 25, 1983,
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    19 Sep 2010

    Milla Jovovich, Resident Evil beautiful actress

    Gamers familiar with the game mania would have made a lot of wide screen film, Resident Evil. This time all four of her films in this series titled Resident Evil, “Afterlife” has succeeded in occupying the U.S. box office ladder with income earned 26.7 million U.S. dollars. The film, starring a beautiful actress Milla Jovovich was feeling very proud of her appearance. In her fourth series Milla has played characters with her mighty as Alice. “I was lucky woman the chance to star in films produced up to four series. It is a pride for all women in Hollywood do not get this opportunity,” said Milla. A number of other films starring Milla is now in the process of production and the planned release next year. Among them is the film “The Three Musketeers̶
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    19 Sep 2010

    The latest news from Ariel

    By Ariel 90 day detention period will expire in three days time, police do the next steps. Kabareskrim said that the extension of detention for 60 days has been received. How the fate of Ariel in fact no one can answer at this time. Ariel loyal fans still waiting for Ariel freedom from prison. Until they do not hesitate to look forward and provide direct support to come to see Ariel, although not allowed to meet directly at the prison. Even on the birthday of Ariel that to-29. Ilham Nazriel songs the singer Peter Pan was celebrating his birthday at detention cell Trunojoyo street Police Headquarters in South Jakarta. Happy day that was attended by both parents, a senior artist Titiek Puspa, Mother Acin (Musica Studio), the friends and fans of Ariel, is also not behind his girlfriend Luna
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    15 Sep 2010

    Strange Costume Lady Gaga with raw meat on her body

    You must know a superstar who always won the attention of fans in style. “Lady Gaga” was the name of the artist on this one. On September 12 night, on stage the MTV Video Music Awards, she wore a dress made entirely of raw meat. None have made of imitation, all genuine from raw meat. It’s really weird! Franc Fernandez, was the designer of this sensation Lady Gaga meat. Previous appearances in the same style, previously has invited protests from a community organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). They assume that Gaga behaved badly. It also invited protests from the Vegetarian Society O’Neil. But apparently 24-year-old singer has a reason why he wears the costume. He said that he was using it to defend human rights, especially gay, lesbian
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    13 Sep 2010

    Justin Bieber spent tweeter server

    The young singer, who is now Justin Bieber 18-year-old gave birth to the fans who really skyrocketed. He has successfully captured the heart of cyberspace, internet with innocence. The story about him meeting the Internet environment. Today, Justin has managed to spend 3% of infrastructure server Twitter. According to calculations, each time Bieber Tweets, the message delivered to nearly 5 million people who answer them. And apparently, Justin got 60 answers account every second. Children are lucky on this one, was born in London Ontario, and raised in Stratford, Ontario. He began his career in his debut album “One Time” on the radio. Bieber has also performed with Stevie Wonder in “Someday at Christmas” Barack Obama for president and first lady Michelle Ob
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    8 Sep 2010

    Hulk Hogan back pain?

    Surely you’ve heard the name of a movie actor Hulk Hogans. On Sunday he affected a great hit back pain. By his girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel immediately rushed to the hospital Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, FL. Hogan has gone through several previous operations. He can barely move when I woke up in the next morning. Hulk make complaints to the doctor that she often feels pain in her muscles. However, the experts have to undergo some tests. But according to doctors, you can bet that this illness has nothing to do with the past. He has been prescribed various medicines by the doctor and also an MRI that will ascertain the cause of back spasms and will also manifest the extent of damage sparked by these spasms. His rep told CNN Tuesday, “He is there Because of back spasm

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