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    11 Apr 2011

    Cloud Player : the latest digital music service from Amazon

    Cloud Player : the latest digital music service from Amazon — News of the latest features now come from Amazon. This great shopping site is now launching a new digital music service. The latest digital music service from Amazon is named Cloud Player. This service allows you to buy the album on the Internet or upload your own music collection into a virtual world. The service is easier for us to listen to music without the need to carry a digital music player or hard drive. Music can be heard wherever and whenever all can connect to the Internet. Cloud Players are available for the Android platform and the Internet generally. In both there is the “Save to Amazon Cloud Drive” to transfer your personal music collection to the Amazon Cloud Drive. For starters, Amazon pro
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    24 Feb 2011

    First Smart Phone LG Optimus 3D

    First Smart Phone LG Optimus 3D — Technological developments in the world is never ending. This time we were surprised by a product of the latest gadget, the first smart phone 3D (3 Dimension), LG Optimus 3D . Yet recently, the gadget market lately has been consumed by the presence of the iPad, that users immediately jumped all over the world. A new step is LG Electronics. South Korean electronics company that introduced the 3D smart phones, namely LG Optimus 3D . A man showing off a smart phone LG Optimus 3D at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday (17 / 2). The smart phone is equipped with features dual lenses to generate 3-dimensional image. Optimus Prime 3D LG Promotion held at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Smart phone that will be
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    11 Feb 2011

    Nokia Launches New Mobile Phone Nokia E7

    Nokia Launches New Mobile Phone Nokia E7 — The phone manufacturer Nokia in Finland, launched its latest product. Nokia released the Nokia E7 in his country. This phone has been introduced earlier in September last year. Now Nokia E7 is already available in the mobile market in Finland. For users of the Nokia fanatics who are in Finland, they can get it started February 7 local time in a number of the Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki. At first glance the Nokia E7 similar to the Nokia N8. Both were present with glass screen 16 million color AMOLED capacitive. It’s just a half-inch screen larger E7, which is 4 inches. In addition, it also features the latest mobile phone Nokia ClearBlack. As a cell phone or business E series, Nokia E7 also equipped slider Qwerty keypad that
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    23 Jan 2011

    Blackberry Will Launch 4 New Models This Year

    Manufacturers of the famous Blackberry smartphone will launch its newest product again this year. By using the latest platform Blackberry OS 6.1, Blackberry ready to bring the 4 types of cutting-edge, namely the Blackberry Dakota, Blackberry Torch 2, Blackberry Apollo and Blackberry Storm 3 (Monaco). Four new models of Blackberry is quite attract a lot of Blackberry fans. Blackberry Torch Torch 2 Blackberry Torch Torch 2 model is similar to the first, the difference is the matte color touch silver.BlackBerry Torch 9800 that is currently the first BlackBerry to use 2 inputs of a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen, apparently is considered less popular with RIM BlackBerry 9780 Onyx in because of several factors Torch BlackBerry 9800 makes it less in the interest of BlackBerry users. One ma
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    14 Jan 2011

    The Daily Will Launch the iPad Newspaper

    The newspaper specifically for the fit on the iPad will be coming soon. The Daily will launch the iPad newspaper in the near future. Planned on January 19, 2011, this newspaper will be for release. First Daily iPad newspaper will soon be available in the near future. As quoted by news.com.au, the paper will be officially released on January 19 next at the Art Gallery of San Francisco, USA, which will also be attended by the two main characters, that is Steve Jobs, CEO Apple, maker of the iPad, and Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp. There is now a million people have downloaded software such newspapers through their iPad. Currently, although a number of news content “The Daily“ for free, but for full access to these services will incur a fee. The amount has not been determined
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    11 Jan 2011

    Popular Tablet PC Models on CES

    Popular Tablet PC Models on CES — Introductions around the tablet PC arena in Las Vegas made important moment by the various parties gadget manufacturers today. Consumer Electronic Show (CES), followed by a variety of gadgets manufacturers want to introduce their latest products. Prospective buyers can choose their favorite gadgets in the event for purchase.Various models are offered in the CES. Innovation is a lot of tablet PCs for release in recent times. However, from various types or models are present, there are 5 sequences of the most popular models. And pointed out that 5 of the model will be a tablet that becomes a favorite for consumers. 1. Samsung TX100 Model TX100 Samsung tablet pc is the latest from Samsung. This is the result of collaboration with the netbook. Althoug


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