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    26 Aug 2010

    Who are the oldest person in the world?

    Age is only one God dictionary. All the magic depends Him. For you who wonder, nowadays, anyone who a predicate of the world’s oldest person? Who are the people most long live in the world? Luckily they were given the opportunity to enjoy life on earth together with a large family who loved. Following are the people who bestowed the opportunity to live in a very long, in the order of the world’s big five: 1. Jeanne Calment (France) Born 21 February 1875 and died in the year to 122 on December 4 August 1997. 2. Sarah Knauss (U.S.) Born 24 September 1880 and died in the year to 119 at 30 December 1999 3. Lucy Hannah (U.S.) Born 16 July 1875 and died in the year to 117 at December 21 March 1993 - no photo. 4. Marie Louise Meilleur (Canada) Born August 29, 1880 an

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