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    12 Apr 2011

    New Discovery Bacteria Toothpaste Substitute

    New discovery Bacteria Toothpaste Substitute — Dental health care must be supported by good and true. The mouth tends to produce more bacteria if the teeth are not clean. Recently, there is a new invention, bacterial toothpaste replacement (Bacteria Toothpaste Substitute). The researchers managed to find a new weapon in the fight against tooth decay. How to use enzymes produced by oral bacteria that actually prevents the formation of plaque. These findings open opportunities for the manufacture of toothpaste that utilizes the body’s plaque exterminator. As is known, the human mouth is full of bacteria. More than 700 species present in the room is warm and humid, including Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans), one of the major components of plaque. Fitted with a tooth in thin l
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    22 Mar 2011

    Hormone Therapy Can Make a Woman Gives Birth to Quintuplets

    Various kinds of therapy was performed for health purposes. It was reported that hormone therapy, can make a woman gives birth to quintuplets. We consider together the story of twins Reveal five of the hormone therapy. Hormone Therapy A 26-year-old woman gave birth to twins five on Friday (03/18/2011) at General Hospital Vienna. “The five healthy baby once, as well as her mother,” said the Head of Gynecology, AKH Raft, Peter Husslein, told the daily Oesterreich. Baby quintuplets, all female, were born via cesarean section in the evening and now each one a team of doctors treated separately. Fifth twins who were born prematurely in the 29th week of pregnancy, each of which weighs 1,000 grams. Planned caesarean was actually performed next week, but should be brought forward
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    16 Mar 2011

    Body Stay Healthy with Diet a la Mediterranean

    Body Stay Healthy with Diet a la Mediterranean — Diet programs are often made by many women. Not a few women in the world, thinking about weight problems. But a good diet program will do if the good effects thereof, that is, the body remains healthy and not become sick from a diet. There is a diet called Mediterranean Diet. What and how the Mediterranean diet? These last few years, many kinds of diet pop. Starting from karbo diet, low fat diet, dietary sugar to the Mediterranean diet. The goal remains the same, but with different methods. Well, what is the Mediterranean diet? Want to ideal body like a model? Not a few people are on a strict diet to get it. Consultation with a doctor of nutrition, doing various kinds of diets, ranging from karbo diet, dietary sugar, blood type die
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    15 Mar 2011

    What are The Benefits Contained in The Dragon Fruit?

    What are the benefits contained in the dragon fruit? — Dragon fruit is often consumed as a food ingredient. Dragon fruit can be easily found in supermarkets. The fruit that comes from Mexico, Central America, proved to have efficacy and benefits to health. What are the benefits contained in the dragon fruit? Let us refer to the following article. Savor Dragon Fruit treat cancer, tumors, eye pain, gout, and heart, cure arthritis, balance blood sugar levels, controlling cholesterol, strengthens the kidneys and bones, sharpen vision. Red pitaya-called red-fleshed dragon fruit was consumed in the morning and evening each 1 fruit weighs 250 g. Zaenal Solikhin story seemed to justify the assumption dragon fruit-especially the fleshy red dragon fruit Hylocereus polyrhizus-that can cure
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    4 Feb 2011

    Benefits of Bee Sting Therapy

    Benefits of Bee Sting Therapy — Hearing the word “bee stung“ is the thing that we always wants to avoid. Sure it hurt if we are stung by bees. But you know, that bee therapy would provide benefits to our health. And bees therapy can cure some disease. Bees therapy has been performed in China since thousands of years ago to treat rheumatism and arthritis. The practice of bee sting has been trusted for more than 3,000 years old. It is very unique, even bizarre to hear people tend to bee sting therapy. How do the actual bee sting therapy? Therapy that puts the bees living in the patient’s body at certain pressure points have been approved since 2007. The principle is similar to acupuncture therapy, which replaces a bee sting needles commonly used. The difference lies
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    12 Jan 2011

    Japanese Cuisine Menu Sushi and Sushimi

    If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine menu, of course you’ve heard about Sushi and Sushimi. Japanese food cans menu be found in many countries in the world. Events some of them make Japanese food for their favorite menu. That was a lot of raw fish, causing a special taste. The various opinions came about more food is dominated by raw fish. Some say the menu is healthy, but some think that food is not healthy. The fans are very confident sushi sushi healthy because the content of protein and omega-3 fatty acids are very high. But instead, sushi is also said to be less healthy because it uses raw fish. In fact, the risk of raw fish contain bacteria that are very high. The controversy was unquestionably the right way sushi processing. In Japan, the only chef who can cultivate a certi

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