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    20 Jun 2012

    Get Dollars from RedGage from your Social Activities

    Get Dollars from RedGage from your Social Activities — You have plenty of opportunities to make extra money from your online activity daily. Different ways to earn money from internet world has to offer. One site that appeals to me is RedGage. Just as social activism on facebook, twitter, and others, we often share a variety of things such as sharing photos, documents, video, links, and each comment to one another. In RedGage, when we do it all, we’re going to get paid. Interesting isn’t it? What is RedGage? RedGage is a website that pays you for your content and monetizes your social activity. By maximizing RedGage friendship and activities, then the money will be given will be even greater. Unlike most other programs that use paypal or other online payment tool. RedGag
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    11 Jun 2012

    8 Reasons Why People Prefer to Do Shopping Online

    The Internet provides various facilities in a variety of purposes, including for shopping online.Trend is then exploded in the online era now. You can shop for many products and services on online shop. Some of the reasons why people prefer to do their shopping online as the effectiveness of the time, not to be bothered by road traffic, and many more reasons to shop online. Entrepreneurs and businessmen or traders are racing to promote their products to advertise and get the consumer on the internet. Not infrequently than they were providing a facility that allows the buyer or their customers to shop online. So what are the other reasons that make people prefer to shop online? In point importance, this is the 8 reasons why people prefer to do shopping online: 1. Browsing to pick and ch
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    11 Apr 2011

    Cloud Player : the latest digital music service from Amazon

    Cloud Player : the latest digital music service from Amazon — News of the latest features now come from Amazon. This great shopping site is now launching a new digital music service. The latest digital music service from Amazon is named Cloud Player. This service allows you to buy the album on the Internet or upload your own music collection into a virtual world. The service is easier for us to listen to music without the need to carry a digital music player or hard drive. Music can be heard wherever and whenever all can connect to the Internet. Cloud Players are available for the Android platform and the Internet generally. In both there is the “Save to Amazon Cloud Drive” to transfer your personal music collection to the Amazon Cloud Drive. For starters, Amazon pro
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    22 Mar 2011

    China Blocking Access to Gmail Users

    China Blocking Access to Gmail Users — Latest news about access to Google’s coming from China is blocking access to Gmail users. It is reported that China’s Gmail service is now problematic. What is it really up to China blocking access to Gmail users? Google said if the Chinese government attempts to control access to the Gmail service and made a number of user difficulty in accessing the program. This action is anticipated for riot-related actions in the Middle East. Reported by AP, on Monday (3/21/2011), such as the Google Inc said in a brief statement, the experts at Google has been trying to figure out and said there was no technical problem in the service or on the main site. “There is no technical problem and we’ve been doing intensive checking. Th
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    14 Mar 2011

    Most Facebook Users are Willing To Give Personal Information

    Most Facebook Users are Willing To Give Personal Information — Although crime in cyberspace continues to occur, but most people who use the internet not too dizzy with it. In fact, most facebook users are willing to tell their personal information in the most favorite social networking sites. There have been many cases of fraud in the virtual world is revealed, but apparently not all Internet users realize the dangers of sharing personal information to unauthorized users. At least, it made ??a number of users up in an experiment conducted IT security firm, Sophos, recently. Sophos found that 41 percent of users of social networking that was willing to share their personal information. Sophos chose 200 random Facebook users using a fake user name ‘Freddi Staur’ (anagr
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    8 Mar 2011

    YouTube Buy Internet Television Next New Networks

    YouTube Buy Internet Television Next New Networks — Latest news from the online video site YouTube that YouTube now has developed its business by purchasing an Internet TV company Next New Networks. YouTube announced that it has bought Internet TV company Next New Networks to increase the content of the pages Google-owned video sharing, Monday (7 / 2) local time. Companies that launched four years ago and headquartered in New York, grew into the media for a number of popular shows such as “Barely Political” and “Indy Mogul” which was later named as “networking filmmakers to YouTube generation.” Next New Networks has developed a web platform that is very effective programming that serves more than two million videos and ascending six million su


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