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    8 Mar 2011

    South Korea Limit the Use of Online Games

    South Korea Limit the Use of Online Games — Various online games preferred by the lovers of online gaming. Online games are often excessive consuming time for online gaming addicts embers. Not a few online game lovers forget many important things just to keep playing games. Now South Korea plans to restrict online game in their country. South Korea seeks to overcome the addiction to the virtual world games (online games) among adolescents is triggered by the death of a baby because it is not fed by their parents who are busy playing online games. (See this article too: Qwop flash online game) The measures proposed to stop the teenagers play between midnight until six in the morning is pushing the question whether such an action makes sense in a democratic community, although the
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    5 Mar 2011

    Many Website Feel Changes Due To Google System Modifications

    Many Website Feel Changes Due To Google System Modifications — Google made some changes to the system in its search system. How much impact is felt by many websites in the changes made by google today? Let’s look at reviews on many websites that begin to feel the changes due to modifications made by Google. Google decided to make significant changes in its search algorithms, with lower-quality website ranking is low, such that only contain little content and instead directs users to a full page ad. These modifications have seen quite a dramatic impact in the realm of online search. Once observed, some websites that previously ranked high in searches with certain keywords, have plummeted in the results list. While some social networking sites, news sites and retail sites ros
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    24 Feb 2011

    Google Launches Payment Platform for Online Content

    Google Launches Payment Platform for Online Content — Some time ago Google has launched their latest applications, such as Google Body Browsers and Google eBook Store. Now Google also launched their latest platform for online payment system. Google launched an online payment platform for digital newspapers and magazines on Wednesday (16/2), a day after Apple launched a subscription service for newspapers, magazines, music, and video. Google will attract 10 percent of revenue from the transactions to be handled “Google One Pass,” less than 30 percent of that charged Apple for subscription applications that are sold through the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and IPAD. Both this online subscription service aimed at attracting content to mobile device manufacturers and n
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    19 Feb 2011

    Browser with Record and Play Features

    Browser with Record and Play Features — It has been widely available for advanced browsers you access the Internet. Repetitive activities are often carried out in using the browser. Now available a new application called iMacros, application for browser that provides a record and play feature. Many of the same activity carried out repeatedly when using the browser. For example, accessing the same site, remember passwords, fill out the form, and so forth every time you use the internet. This is certainly waste of time. Now there is a new application called iMacros. This application is the first web-based applications in the world that can record all your internet activities, and repeat it again next time. IMacros main function is as a recorder and viewer internet activities (especia
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    7 Feb 2011

    Get Dollars and Bonus With Linkfromblog

    Get Dollars and Bonus With Linkfromblog — If you are a blogger who wants to get dollars from paid review, then you can register on linkfromblog. This type of activity commonly known as “bid blog”, which is a business review in the blogging world. Linkfromblog is the best media as a tool to promote your product or company. You can find workers for your ad, or you can ask the blogger to place your ad through our reviews of products or companies by requiring them to write the review. So Linkfromblog also as a means of connection for connecting between the advertiser and blogger. Linkfromblog is a paid review of new programs that can become a source of money in your blogging business. Like other blogs bid, you can advertise on blog, register with 2 categories of choice, as
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    5 Feb 2011

    Countries Are The Greatest Access of Facebook on 2010

    Facebook users continues to increase every year. No wonder, if Facebook has become the most popular social networking site today. Facebook has become the most preferred by people in the world according to Google’s version AdPlanner. Which countries are the greatest access of Facebook on 2010? Social networking from the United States today already has half a billion users in the world, exactly 571,884,500 users. In the last month alone, about 750 billion pages up back and forth opened the world’s Internet users. Usually known as the page view. From Google AdPlanner statistics as of late November, Facebook is still above YouTube.com (2), Yahoo.com (3), Live.com (4), and Wikipedia.org (5). Here is a list of 10 countries as a largest Facebook accessor per year 2010: 1. United

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