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    9 Jan 2011

    New Online Store Application Comes from Apple

    New online store application comes from Apple. This application is specially launched the Mac with a Mac App Store. Technology online stores are more and more developing last few years. Just as an online store that Google launched, with its Google eBook Store in 2010. Apple has issued an announcement that the Mac Apple Store for release on 6 January 2011. In this online store application will be available for free and a paid application. Steve Jobs is looking to replicate the iTunes App Store success on the Mac platform. Shop online Mac App Store to download new applications for various types of computers, such as personal computers (iMac) or a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. In this application, users also can update your software to all Macs that use the operating system Mac OS X Snow Le
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    22 Dec 2010

    A New Service from Google Called Google Browser Body

    Again, google make a new breakthrough in technology. A new service from Google called Google Browser Body. If you have previously been Released Google Street View to find out the neighbors house plans, so now Google makes a new service to determine the form of the human body in three-dimensional versions. How to use was fairly easy to use services like Google Earth. This browser capable of displaying the body in the form of three-dimensional version and could be a breakthrough in the study of anatomy as well as helping various medical research. The device web browser called Google Body also has a search feature. Users can enter the name of the body and without having to complete the word or enter a word correctly, Google displays suggestion keyword. In the video, the browser used to diss
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    14 Dec 2010

    Google Launched Google eBooks store

    Now Google launched Google eBooks store. If you have been accustomed to recognize Google as a top search engine in the Internet world, this time Google made a breakthrough with the development of innovation system. Google Ebook can be accessed by various devices. In it offered about three million book titles from four thousand publishers. Let us understand what was google done with their new system, Google Ebook store. While lately about the world of computers and online internet and rang by iPad tablet PC, then Google did not want to miss a chance to make a new surprise. Meanwhile, Amazon has preceded the launch of digital reading device Kindle book in 2007. Now Google is no longer the only search engines but have entered a line of software through Google Apps and Android and Chrome th
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    9 Dec 2010

    Cartoon Photo Profile for Your Facebook

    Cartoon Photo Profile for Your Facebook — Would you like to make your profile photo pictorial cartoon? If you’re feeling bored with your real photo profile, then of course you can change your profile photo with cartoon drawings. Display photos of your profile will look funny, cute and cool. This Cartoons Photo Profile you can use it as photo profile anywhere you join the social network sites. Facebook application that provides many cartoons that have become, or should design first. It is not difficult to make cartoons. Actually you can put anything on the cartoon image to your facebook profile. Or you can also take the cartoon characters that you already know like the character Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Tweety, and others. It will be easier to be found by searching the i
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    6 Dec 2010

    What Social Networks You Have Now? (Part 2)

    On Part 1 : 6. www.orkut.com Orkut is Google’s attempt at social networking. Already popular in Brazil and India, Orkut is struggling to make progress in the United States… 5. www.hi5.com Do not limit your circle of friends to people you know from school or your neighborhood, with more than 70 million members, explore the unlimited possibilities for connecting with people all over the world for free. In addition, we saw hi5 completely free of advertising. You can customize your hi5 page with a skin made by other users. However, once you choose a skin you can not customize further with HTML or CSS code. You can also use the profile editor that allows you to change the background color, font type and size. You can write journal entries, upload photos, music and video. Add
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    5 Dec 2010

    What Social Networks You Have Now? (Part 1)

    What social networks you have now? After you spend time playing on Facebook, you can also join in a variety of other social networks that now more and more. Here is a social network that now is a trend in the world. You can have friends all over the world with social networking sites. Well, here’s 10 best according to TopTenReviews social networks: 10. www.netlog.com Explore is a European social networking site with more than 35 million users and is relatively unknown in the United States. Here you can set up profiles, adding pictures to join a clan (group), upload videos and listen to music all while networking with your friends. We really liked that the site is completely free of advertising. Explore the minimum age to join is 13. You can use Netlog Whitelist and blacklist t


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