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    30 Jan 2011

    The Oscar Nominations 2011 List (Part 1)

    The Oscar Nominations 2011 List — It was time for the prestigious event will be held. Results the best works will be selected to be the owner of the trophy oscar 2011. Has so many amazing works and spectacular show in the world of international cinema. Want to know the Oscar Nominations 2011 list? Let’s see for each categories of the Oscar Nominations 2011 below that were announced on last Tuesday: Best motion picture of the year 1. Black Swan (Fox Searchlight) 2. The Fighter (Paramount) 3. Inception (Warner Bros.) 4. The Kids Are All Right (Focus Features) 5. The King’s Speech (The Weinstein Company) 6. 127 Hours (Fox Searchlight) 7. The Social Network (Sony Pictures Releasing) 8. Toy Story 3 (Walt Disney) 9. True Grit (Paramount) 10. Winter’s Bone (Roadside Attr
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    14 Dec 2010

    Nominations of The Golden Globe Award 2011

    Determination prestigious event for those who excel in the world of movies, television programs, and various forms of work in the entertainment industry, will be given awards in the show The Golden Globe Award. The work in the entertainment industry in Hollywood is the result of hard work from a series of brilliant ideas that poured with all the effort. Competed with each other to create works best and is innovative spirit to create works of interest by many people. The Golden Globe Award is a prestigious event that served America every year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Not only people in America, the center of public attention around the world had become one of the best determinants of their achievement and their success in film and television. The Golden G
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    11 Nov 2010

    Michael J. Fox back in Action

    Michael J. Fox is an actor who now jump back in the action. This time he plays a wily lawyer in new drama “The Good Wife”. After a long disappearance, now the audience can see Michael J. Fox acting again in his new drama movie, on CBS. Fox, who is now 49, was, appearing as a lawyer who used his nervous illness to attract the attention of its target clients. Handsome actor Michael J. Fox serves as Simon Caning. He takes Margulies case here. This case is about a woman who committed suicide on this episode titled Poisoned Pill. As we know, cleverness in playing the film is without a doubt. He was shrewd to combine acting funny and smart at the same time. In the 1980s, he acted out a comedy television series “Family Ties”. In 2009, he also played in the drama series
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    7 Sep 2010

    Jennifer Aniston really pregnant?

    Jennifer Aniston that was a beautiful woman who was born in Sherman Oaks, California. With a myriad of experiences starring in the films series and big screen, now she’s back to fill its action in her latest film, The Switch, production of Miramax Films, a romantic comedy. Kassie Larson, played by Jennifer Aniston, a career woman who recently has stepped on his age 40, was dogged by personal concerns. Her desire to have children eventually made her a great decision by deciding to get pregnant by taking donor sperm. The decision caused a feud with Wally Mars (Jason Bateman), a man who kept his love with Kassie. But finally Wally can not do much, until finally a man named Roland (Patrick Wilson) donate his sperm. But an unexpected event occurs, Wally in a drunken state, makes
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    5 Sep 2010

    Eat Pray Love Review

    Movies starring the beautiful actress Julia Robertz who recently published a very make the audience entertained. This film shoots including held in Bali, a beautiful city in Indonesia. Liz Gilbert (Julia Robertz) to travel the length after experiencing depression and confusion after the divorce to Italy, India and Indonesia. She was losing weight due to panic. And she also stopped working. To recover the same again, and in order to find out who she was and what she really wanted, she experienced a wide range of events. She learned to speak Italian and get a 23 Euros, and it is one of the happiest events in her life. Here she managed to recover their body weight. In India, she studied art with the help of an expert service wise, Ashrams and spiritual exploration. In her meditation she
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    5 Sep 2010

    Nanny McPhee and The Big Bang Review

    Latest movie in 2010, Nanny McPhee and the Bing Bang, starring Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maggie Smith, Rhys Ifans, Ralph Fiennes. Emma Thompson’s role as Nanny McPhee, characterized by a rounded nose, a lot of warts and crooked teeth. This family film about a nanny that scary in a house full of mischievous kids who quite entertaining with some jokes in it. Beginning with the second delivery of city children, Cyril and Celia to live with her aunt who lived on a farm. While waiting for the arrival and the news of her husband who was a soldier, she fought for raising three children namely, Butterfield, Woods and Steer, to keep away the danger from local shopkeepers, Smith. A lot happens in this movie magic tricks. “Big Bang” which is the title of this film ref

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