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    4 Sep 2010

    Special Train for Women

    Photo from : radar-bekasi.com For some time now, often heard the crime happened in public service vehicles that are operating in Indonesia, especially in big cities. And this is of special concern by the government. Many occur indecent treatment of women by men bothered to modes of different crimes. There is only a fad with a pinch of women who are in the journey or even have a really wants to rob, steal or hypnotizing with bad purposes. This makes the PT Kereta Api had not been idle. In a situation like this, PT Kereta Api launched a special compartment reserved exclusively for women only, and the men are not allowed to use it. This carriage capacity of 106 passengers, at the very front of the paired series, and guarded by female security officers. The presence of cars is expected to m
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    30 Aug 2010

    Florence Nightingale IN VIRTUAL WORLD (Part II)

    Authors: Cornelis Fuchs (On Part I) ==>Through his personal foundation, Swinfen Charitable Trust, couples Swinfen distribute digital camera, tripod, and if necessary satellite phone to the doctors at various hospitals. Until now there are 140 clinics in 39 countries such as Nepal, Ethiopia, Salomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Antarctica, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh who received assistance them. <== In an e-mail, a doctor from Bangladesh for example, tells of an adolescent patient after treatment because of snake bites, leg bones showed symptoms of gangrene (decay). Doctors are also sending photos via e-mail wound to the Swinfen couples who then pass them on to the experts. There are about 380 doctors from Europe, the United States, South Africa, and Australia and give free ad
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    29 Aug 2010

    Florence Nightingale IN VIRTUAL WORLD (Part I)

    Authors : Cornelis Fuchs In everyday life, Lord and Lady Swinfen like the retired, relaxed living in their old house in rural area in Wingham, England. Roger Swinfen 69 years old, a former officer and vice the people in Parliament, also worked in an organization care of handicapped people in the UK, often smoking a cigar while ‘m thinking. While his wife, Pat, 70 years old, just like mom households, was busy cooking in the kitchen. They did not look like people are busy saving lives. In fact, until last year had more than 2,000 human lives they saved successfully. On the sidelines of life, these couples are often located in front of the monitor that they put in the dining room. While her study filled with files, papers, and various equipment. They were in front of the computer w
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    25 Aug 2010

    Latest Red Antartica Waterfall

    Recently there has been another stunning natural phenomenon again. Behave strangely this happens in the Antarctic McMurdo Dry Valleys. It is indeed a rarity when we see hills hillside expanse of ice and white ice, a sudden flow of different colors in between. In the past, roughly two million years ago, there are many microbes that are trapped under the ice that the longer the meal to thicken over time, which is rolling. In the layer is so deep, they continue to grow. Lake there have high sanitation with its iron, thus influencing the development of red color. microbes that have been developed that maintain and manipulate the substance of sulfur and iron to survive. whereas in fact it does not usually microbes can live in cold, dark and lack of oxygen. But the fact is that microbes can


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