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    20 Mar 2011

    The Condition of Nuclear Reactor in Fukushima Stated Stable

    World community concern with the state of nuclear leakage of earthquakes and tsunami Japan a couple days ago. But the latest news published can be a little relief to the community. It was reported that the condition of Nuclear Reactor in Fukushima stated Stable. The UN Nuclear Agency (IAEA) said the situation Fukushima nuclear power plant damaged by the earthquake is severe enough, but his condition did not keep getting worse. A spokesman for the agency said the plant’s general condition was still critical, but already there are a number of improvements in some reactors, namely numbers 1, 2 and 3. Their situation is reportedly quite stable. On Monday (21 / 3) future, the agency will hold daily meetings to discuss the situation in Japan’s nuclear crisis. In addition, the ag
  • World News /
    20 Mar 2011

    There Was No Relationship Supermoon With Earthquakes

    There Was No Relationship Supermoon With Earthquakes — Supermoon natural phenomenon that just happened yesterday cause a variety of responses. There is also a question about supermoon associated with disasters that occur on Earth. But now stated that there was no relationship supermoon with earthquakes. Supermoon happened last night has only minimal effect on seismic activity and can not be linked to last week’s earthquake in Japan. A rare occurrence, when the distance the Moon - the Earth is only 356,575 miles in orbit, allowing the moon is in the position closest to the Earth. Extreme closeness of this phenomenon, known as the ‘maximum perigee,’ only happens once every 18 years. In addition to appearing to be enormous for those who saw it, the moon also is at
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    20 Mar 2011

    Rebecca Black Worst Song Ever

    Latest news was excited when this came from a beautiful girl, in California. Crowded cyberspace to talk about the name Rebecca Black related news worst song ever. Various social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook did not miss talking about silliness Rebecca Black. What exactly Rebecca Black do until her name became popular in cyberspace? This is ridiculous. Rebecca Black, a school student in California became a sensation in cyberspace after uploading her songs on YouTube. I was so bad, millions of people are “forced” to listen to a song called this Friday only to censure her. Nevertheless, the song that shows the 13-year-old girl is whirling with this discomfort has been booked at least 16 million hits on the YouTube site. Rebecca even beat Japan’s earthquake
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    14 Mar 2011

    Japan Disaster The most Expensive Natural Disaster in The World

    Japan Disaster The most Expensive Natural Disaster in The World — The earthquake was so powerful that comes loud enough to cause any tsunami struck Japan. The disaster caused sadness to the number of victims who died and disappeared. Japan also suffered huge losses. Until disaster in Japan was declared as the most expensive natural disaster in the history of the world. Earthquake 9.0 on the Richter scale followed by tsunami that struck Japan on Friday, March 11 last. Previously the most expensive disaster mentioned are the Kobe earthquake in Japan in 1995. This tragedy swallow a loss of USD100 billion, or approximately Rp877, 7 billion. But the value of losses caused by the earthquake that hit northeastern Japan this latest disaster is believed to exceed Kobe. Such as reported by
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    8 Mar 2011

    YouTube Buy Internet Television Next New Networks

    YouTube Buy Internet Television Next New Networks — Latest news from the online video site YouTube that YouTube now has developed its business by purchasing an Internet TV company Next New Networks. YouTube announced that it has bought Internet TV company Next New Networks to increase the content of the pages Google-owned video sharing, Monday (7 / 2) local time. Companies that launched four years ago and headquartered in New York, grew into the media for a number of popular shows such as “Barely Political” and “Indy Mogul” which was later named as “networking filmmakers to YouTube generation.” Next New Networks has developed a web platform that is very effective programming that serves more than two million videos and ascending six million su
  • World News /
    4 Mar 2011

    Vancouver City is The Most Comfortable City In The World

    Vancouver City is The Most Comfortable City In The World — City of Vancouver is a city located in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The city is a beautiful city which became one of Canada’s community pride. City of Vancouver is also a metropolitan area that have a population of about 2,132,824 Vancouverites. But you know, if Vancouver city is the most comfortable place to live in the world? City of Vancouver in Canada is still occupying the top position as the most convenient place to live. Other Cities ranked second and third are Melbourne (Australia) and Vienna (Austria). This ranking has not changed since 2007. The new cities into the top 10 cities ternyaman is Auckland (New Zealand). In an annual survey conducted magazine The Economist, ratings Vancouver to pro

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