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    12 Apr 2011

    Women Who Have Horns and Fangs Like Vampires

    Women Who Have Horns and fangs like vampires — You would often hear the term Vampire is not it? In Mexico, there is a woman whose face resembles the figure of the vampire. She is a mother of four children. Here it is, a story about a woman who has horns and fangs like a vampire. This woman changed her appearance by decorating her entire body and put titanium under the skin of the face and forehead to make it look like horns. Woman named Maria Jose Cristerna was nicknamed the “Vampire Woman. “ Cristerna is a tattoo artist and lawyer. She showed a frightening figure in the tattoo exhibition in the northeast city of Monterrey. Cristerna admitted starting obsessed with tattoos after a victim of domestic violence. “Tattooing is a form of liberation for me,” said
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    27 Mar 2011

    The World's Most Expensive Classic Cars

    The world’s most expensive classic cars — Have you read the previous Mixnews article that discusses the Sophisticated and Fastest Car in 2010? This time Mixnews back will return to discuss about the automotive world, the subject of the world’s most expensive classic cars. In this world, there are a few classic cars that cost soaring. Maybe the cars are old, but since antiquity and rarity, the price of cars is soaring. Let’s look at some of the world’s most expensive classic cars. 6. 1937 Bugatti Type 57S - $ 4.4 million: 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante was originally purchased by the Earl Howe Bugatti a month after leaving work. During the 8 years that he has a car, Howe added a new bumper, luggage rack and rearview mirror. He then brought up to specifica
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    22 Mar 2011

    Luxury Cruise Ship Legend of the Seas is Arrived in Bali

    Luxury Cruise Ship Legend of the Seas is Arrived in Bali — Have you ever heard of a luxury cruise ship, Legend of the Seas? Cruise ship Legend of the Seas is a Royal Bahamian-flagged Caribia Cuise Line. This Luxury yacht, Cruise Ship Legend of the Seas, arrived in Bali, Indonesia, although this yacht can not able to dock there. On Tuesday (01/03/2011) and then, at 17:20 pm, luxury yacht arrived in Bali, but could not lean back and landed at Benoa Harbour, Denpasar, Bali. There is a provision that the Administrator’s decision Benoa Harbour which prohibits ships with a length of 264.26 meters and width of 32 meters is docked to the port. What about the beauty and luxury in a yacht that has begun since 1995 globetrot? If you do not have time to see the beauty in it following a n
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    15 Mar 2011

    Grandfather Have 82 Tattooes of Julia Roberts Face

    Grandfather Have 82 Tattooes of Julia Roberts Face — Unique news came from a fan of Julia Roberts. His love of a beautiful Hollywood actress, Julia Roberts, making a grandfather drawing on his body with faces tattooed of the idol figures. If you already infatuated with someone, anything can be done to prove love. Just look at the behavior Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic. He made 82 Julia Roberts’s face tattooed on his body. 56-year-old grandfather was smitten beauty Julia and started collecting tattoos picture his face after watching the movie Erin Brockovich. The man selling the newspaper profession do not spend a little money in order to carve his face in his body. As reported by Orange, on Tuesday (03/15/2011), Parserisas spend USD2.500 (Rp22 million) to make 82 tattoos. Uniqu
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    14 Mar 2011

    Japan Disaster The most Expensive Natural Disaster in The World

    Japan Disaster The most Expensive Natural Disaster in The World — The earthquake was so powerful that comes loud enough to cause any tsunami struck Japan. The disaster caused sadness to the number of victims who died and disappeared. Japan also suffered huge losses. Until disaster in Japan was declared as the most expensive natural disaster in the history of the world. Earthquake 9.0 on the Richter scale followed by tsunami that struck Japan on Friday, March 11 last. Previously the most expensive disaster mentioned are the Kobe earthquake in Japan in 1995. This tragedy swallow a loss of USD100 billion, or approximately Rp877, 7 billion. But the value of losses caused by the earthquake that hit northeastern Japan this latest disaster is believed to exceed Kobe. Such as reported by
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    7 Mar 2011

    French Creating a Bubble House

    French Creating a Bubble House — A permanent house building usually have a hard wall and permanent. Another case with portable buildings, such as tents, certainly do not have a hard wall. This time there was a bubble house that was created as a portable house that can be taken anywhere, and easily stored. French real estate company in breaking new ground by creating a bubble house, portable house that also serves as a tent-like children’s toys. House-shaped bubble is transparent. All household equipment, such as chairs, beds, even wood floors can be folded so that it can be taken anywhere. Bubble house was also equipped hexos or electric fan and air purifier filters, so the home form is always awake. “These houses can be very calm your mind,” says designer Pierre-


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