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    7 Mar 2011

    The World's Most Expensive Painting

    The World’s Most Expensive Painting — Various kinds of paintings are born with a variety of types, themes, and different expressions. But you know, that the world’s most expensive painting was created by a world’s famous painter. Picture creation by artist Pablo Picasso has been named the most expensive painting of this century. Paintings made in 1932 was sold for U.S. $ 106.5 million (USD 936 billion) are also the most expensive painting ever auctioned at Christie’s auction house, London, England. As reported by the Telegraph, the painting titled Nude, Green Leaves, and Bust was bought by a collector from England whose name was withheld. The painting for the first time will be exhibited at the Tate Modern Museum in London, Monday (7 / 3). The painting wil
  • World's most unique / Technology /
    6 Mar 2011

    The World's Fastest Trains Glide Japan

    Japan will continue to improve the technology of transportation. Japan’s fastest train launched Japanese Bullet Train. The following articles of the world’s fastest trains glide Japan that was launched. The Japanese government really spoil their society by re-launch bullet train named Hayabusa, also called Falcon. Named bullet train because the flat snout like a bullet and has a speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour. “In addition to the high-speed, bullet train also has the longest snout, which is 15 meters,” Kyodo news agency said on Sunday (06/03/2011). When first inaugurated on Saturday (03/05/2011), this train started its journey from Tokyo to Aomori, northern Japan. Trains operated by East Japan Railway Co., since December 1997, this will pamper passeng
  • World's most unique /
    28 Feb 2011

    The Most Difficult Musical Instrument to Play

    Orgel is a musical instrument pipe organ. Rebound beautiful voice is often played organ in churches. Orgel own including the most difficult musical instrument to play. Require special skills to be able to play this orgel musical instrument. Organ musical instrument sound quite familiar to Christians. Orgel called pipe organ because the equipment is made of pipes of various sizes. Several churches in the world still keeps the original organ. Its size, do not be surprised, can reach 10 meters. If sounded his voice echoing and bouncing off the corners of the church. However, not everyone was able to play the organ. Therefore, the organ which is sometimes called the king of musical instruments, can issue a variety of color tones are almost infinite in number. Among lovers of art called the
  • World's most unique /
    27 Feb 2011

    Brave Little Girl Helps Birth of Her Brother

    Brave Little Girl Helps Birth of Her Brother — Who would have thought a little girl so brave to help process the birth of her brother at home. She was able to act as midwife for the birth of her beloved mother. Let’s take a look at the story of these brave young girl who help birth of her own brother. Lauren Burman presumably would have a very special relationship with her baby brother. The girl was seven years acted as midwife and helped her brother in the home birth process. The mother, Claire, have signs of the birth of eight weeks sooner than expected. This mother (27 years old) suddenly feel will soon deliver the baby. With swift, Lauren quickly helped her mother to bed and comfort her. She just ran for help a neighbor, Linda Platts, when she saw her brother’s head
  • World's most unique /
    26 Feb 2011

    A Man Has The Most Wives

    A Man Has The Most Wives — A man broke the world record by having many wives as many as 39 woman. He is a member of the sect in Mizoram. How the story, we follow the story of Chana Ziona who has 39 wives. This man is the leader of the largest family in the world, he is blessed with 39 wives. 94 children, 14-in-law and 33 grandchildren. Ziona Chana lives with his extended family in a house that has 100 rooms and has four levels, in rural areas Baktwang in the Indian state, Mizoram. “I feel like God’s favorite. He gave me a lot of people to my care. I felt was the most fortunate to have 39 wives and became head of the family in the world,” said Chana as reported by Dailymail, Monday (21 / 2 / 2011). In one night they could spend the dish with 30 chickens, 60 kg o
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    25 Feb 2011

    Postcard Came in 94 Years

    Postcard Came in 94 Years — Postcards are usually sent to deliver news, speech, or short message, because the postcards have little space to write, not like the other letters written on paper. Did you know that there is a postcard that came in 94 years? A postcard from a soldier in First World War battlefields should be sent to arrive 94 years later. Alfred Arthur, who was then aged 19, wrote a letter to his sister Ellen in January 1916 from the camp at Newhaven, East Sussex, the day before he was sent to France. The message reads: “My little sister Nell, only this postcard that can mewakilkanku, that I will never forget you. I expect to always pray and support. As well as a line of sentence reply from you. Your brother, Alfred”. However, the postcard was not achievin

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