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    10 Feb 2011

    Scientists Discover 'Chameleon' Plants with Genetic Engineering

    Scientists Discover ‘Chameleon’ Plants with Genetic Engineering — Chameleon known as the animal that can change color. This time a scientist has been doing genetic engineering to create crop plants that can be called Chameleon. This plant is said chameleon because he can change color like a chameleon. Plants are now able to change color in accordance with the shelter conditions. Scientists find plants that can detect the presence of hazardous materials in the vicinity. June Medford, a biologist from the Colorado State University, who managed to perform genetic engineering of Arabidopsis plants, so plants can change the color. As quoted from PCWorld site, plants engineered Medford and his team, will change color from green to white when the plant detects the presence
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    24 Jan 2011

    Last Crop Circle Appeared in Indonesia

    Last Crop Circle Appeared in Indonesia — Crop Circle phenomenon occurred again. This time Crop Circle appeared in Indonesia, in an area of rice fields, in Hamlet Jogomangsan, Jogotirto Village, District Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta, a central concern of local residents. Crop Circle while it ever happened in several other countries before. Is this justifies a UFO trail? Crop circle is a regular pattern formed due to a fall down some plants, usually found in agricultural fields, which sometimes form certain patterns. The pattern is often formed overnight. Because the pattern found is not always a circle, crop circles are also often called crop formation. During the third part of the 20th century, approximately 10 thousand crop formation was reported found in 26 countries (27 if includi
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    1 Jan 2011

    The Existence of the Sea Monster Answered Using Scanner Tool

    The existence of the Sea Monster Answered Using Scanner Tool — Sea monster found to have been discovered by a collector. And rumors about the sea monster that was now revealed the truth. After going through some research and use the scanner, then get answers about sea monsters. Deepest secret of the skull “sea monster“ is now the biggest one is expressed through the scanner (scanner), the most powerful in the UK. X-rays will help build a three-dimensional picture of vicious predators, called pliosaurus, who once terrorized the oceans 150 million years ago. 2.4 m long fossil skull which recently discovered the first time along the Jurassic coast of England, and allegedly owned by one of the largest pliosaurus ever found. This scanner can determine whether this is a g
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    26 Dec 2010

    Types of New Ancient Man Found In Russia

    Types of New Ancient Man Found In Russia — Early humans found in Russia some time ago. Ancient man was a man who lived at the time thousands of years ago. And these early humans also has spawned a different culture results. These ancient humans have the different characteristic features of each . It has been studied by scientists before. This knowledge has also been known to the world community. This time the Russian scientists say they have found ancient human species previously unknown. DNA analysis of teeth and finger bones, discovered in caves in Siberia, show these people, commonly called Denisova, lived more than 35,000 years ago. Their immediate families are Neanderthals, although there is no strong scientific evidence to say that they are separate species. This raises the
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    24 Dec 2010

    What Do You Know about Statue of Liberty?

    All the people in the world have often heard the name of the Statue of Liberty. This historic statue known by the world as a symbol of the city of New York. Although most of the world community there who have never seen directly, but they mostly have seen the Statue of Liberty through the mass media, television, movies, books, internet or magazines. I want to share their knowledge about what and how the Statue of Liberty here. Includes history of the creation of the Statue of Liberty is on this article. For those of you who do not know the knowledge of the Statue of Liberty, you should read the history here. Exactly 124 years ago, the president of the United States (U.S.) at that time, Grover Cleveland, inaugurated the Statue of Liberty. Statue of Goddess of Independence was presented b
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    22 Dec 2010

    10 Curing Diseases Treatment Spending the Most Expensive Cost

    10 Curing Diseases Treatment Spending the Most Expensive Cost — The disease is one thing that always wanted to be shunned and avoided by everyone. No wonder if everyone always maintain their health to avoid any kind of illness came on his body. Various types of disease are always looking for the cure. There can be cured quickly, and there is also a difficult to cure. And most of the cost needed healing. Of all diseases, the cure is a cheap, expensive and very expensive. Disease What are the most expensive treatment cost? Let us refer to the following article. In the United States, has surveyed the few diseases that require expensive in healing. As quoted in Forbes, there are 10 diseases with the highest costs in the United States. 1. Mental illness Increased costs per year 6 per ce


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