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    9 Oct 2010

    7 Wonders of The World 2010

    Here’s the information I get about the 7 wonders of the world this year. Earth is storing various kinds of miracles that can not be created by human hands. This is the wealth of the earth created by God with power. 1. The Grand Canyon This is a steep ravine. This area was first discovered by Europeans in 1540, he was Garca Lpez de Crdenas from Spain. This area was inhabited by Native Americans. Most of this area in Grand Canyon National Park (national park United States). In the reign of President Theodore Roosevelt, this place is visited for hunting lions and indeed a beautiful place to be enjoyed. This gap created by the Colorado River that cut a strait that length is 446 km, a width of 6 to 29 km, and its depth reaches 1600 m. Then layer after layer of sediment piled up so h
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    4 Oct 2010

    Goats climbing trees in Morocco

    This particularly bizarre incident, a group of goats seen climbing trees. Goat is a four-legged creatures can not climb. Never mind the climb, a steep road to get past anything, usually goats will fall and falling. In Morocco, we can witness a rarity. There is a collection of goats climbing trees to get fruit of the Argan trees as a food ingredient. They move from one tree to another to get their bean seeds of the argan tree. Each bean contains 1 to 3 seeds. The seeds of this tree is almost similar to the olives are also commonly used to make oil, namely olive oil as we often hear. For hundreds of years this oil is used by humans to be used to make argan oil and cosmetics ingredients. These farmers usually follow a herd of goats is to try to get the remnants of inedible fruit that does
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    24 Sep 2010

    Countries which do not have an Army

    Among the countries that have this world turns out there are some countries that have no military force or military. Here I will mention are: 1. Costa Rica : Under the responsibility of the United Nations. Actually before this country could have a military power, but because of a coup against President Jos Figueres Ferrer on December 1, 1948, the Fuerza Publica formed to replace the existing military force, to defend the invasion from the outside, the country is supported by major powers including the U.S., Chile and Cuba. 2. Dominica : disbanded in 1981 after the attempted coup by the military. 3. Granada : disbanded after the U.S. invasion in 1983, now available only Police & Coast Guard. Since the invasion of the USA, this country can not build a military force, they have
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    23 Sep 2010

    10 Countries of the world's Richest and most Prosperous

    Richest 10 countries is calculated based on GDP (Gross Domestic Productivity) per capita, and therefore Japan (a fairly steady state) did not enter the top 10 this .. For additional information, GDP is the value of goods produced a country. while GDP per capita is the average revenue per scarecrow. (Numbers listed above $ means the average income of people / residents per year) 10. Switzerland $ 39.800 Cheese-producing countries are considered some of the country’s most neutral among all countries in the world. At the time of World War 2 people from other European countries deposited their money in Swiss banks, because they believe that their money would be safer in Swiss banks than in their own country. Here are some of the famous Swiss company, Nestle, Logitech, Rolex, a
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    21 Sep 2010

    World's most unique Spa treatments

    1. Masks from bird droppings At Ten Thousand Waves Spa, Santa Fe, USA, facial mask treatment packages available that use materials from nightingale droppings (luscinia megarhynchos). High levels of nitrogen in bird droppings can reliably eliminate bacteria on the skin and remove dead skin cells with gentle when compared with the peeling. It is said that this mask has been used since hundreds of years ago by the geisha in Japan. Wear in the face for 55 minutes, with regular use, these masks will make the skin brighter and softer. 2. Fish pedicure Clean and manicured nails must be part of the women beauty treatment. Now there is a unique pedicure, namely with the help of small fish called doctor fish to clean the dead skin cells on the foot. In this treatment, feet dipped into th


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