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    22 Aug 2010

    IM2 can refill pulse through mobile phones.

    Internet users must be familiar with pre-paid internet services from Indosat. PT Indosat Multimedia raises new innovation that allows its customers to recharge prepaid broadband pulse. Considering the progress of new innovations in the mobile phone, then IM2 not want to miss, and by utilizing the moment, the IM2 create new features. Especially for 3.5G Broadband customers can now be done via mobile refill pulse. IM2 Vouchers are available for this phone via the charging pulse is a multiple Rp10k and 25K. whereas for pulses Indosat available multiples Rp5k, 10k, 25k, 50k and 100k. The trick is very easy. First, http://m.indosatm2.com first entered via your mobile phone. The next step the same as the charging pulse on the computer. Wait approximately 5 minutes, then you are filled alre


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