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    12 Apr 2011

    Women Who Have Horns and Fangs Like Vampires

    Women Who Have Horns and fangs like vampires — You would often hear the term Vampire is not it? In Mexico, there is a woman whose face resembles the figure of the vampire. She is a mother of four children. Here it is, a story about a woman who has horns and fangs like a vampire. This woman changed her appearance by decorating her entire body and put titanium under the skin of the face and forehead to make it look like horns. Woman named Maria Jose Cristerna was nicknamed the “Vampire Woman. “ Cristerna is a tattoo artist and lawyer. She showed a frightening figure in the tattoo exhibition in the northeast city of Monterrey. Cristerna admitted starting obsessed with tattoos after a victim of domestic violence. “Tattooing is a form of liberation for me,” said


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