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    23 May 2011

    Charley, The Strongest Teenager in the UK

    Charley, The Strongest Teenager in the UK — As an adult who can lift weights, these teenager have the strength like an adult. This kid are able to win the weightlifting competition, and scored a record at the young age. Here it is Charley, the strongest teenager in the UK. Charley Craig believed to be the strongest teenager in Britain today. 11-year-old teenager was able to lift loads as heavy as a big jumbo body. Charley has a height 1.3 meters and weigh 32 kilograms. Last April, he won the weightlifting competition in the UK with the highest force 28.5 kilograms. “I dream to win a medal in every competition,” Charley said as quoted by the Daily Mail, today. Muscle strength was not obtained Charley owned by chance. Child weight lifters Amanda Black English is a routi

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